I’ve been working towards funding my survival entirely online for the past ten years. While I have been able to make money with services, I still struggle with making all my from digital products, affiliates, & advertisements. Just from the amount of research and time I’ve spent looking through sites, I have three that I come back to again and again.

But first, for the new readers,

What is Internet Marketing?

The simple answer is that Internet marketing is using the Internet to promote something.

It has a broad scope of activities that fall under this definition. Some of these include email marketing, Google Ads, social media, viral content creation, search engine optimization, and more.

It is also known as digital marketing, online marketing, and web-based marketing.
There are a lot of synonyms for internet marketing.

The List

A podcast on the business side of WebComics

A podcast on the business side of WebComics

In this episode Jason talks about if you can fund your project on Kickstarter. It comes from a question he received from Jarett, a listener of the podcast. He recently ran an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign and wanted to know some tips on getting his comic crowd funded.

Jason covers why you should use Kickstarter, asses what it takes to reach your funding goals, how much money you will need, and lessons he has learned from his experience.


Thank you to the following for 5 Star Reviews:

Question came from Jarett who does a webcomic with his brother Josh at crasssophisticate.com

Kickstarter Projects Mentioned

Adding a few pagesMy last post on my Niche Site experience was almost 3 months ago. A lot has happened since then not relating to the Niche Site.

As many of you know, my wife gave birth to our first child, we ran a successful Kickstarter campaign, and printed our first comic book.

In other words, we have been insanely busy.

This is why I hope to master niche sites. The opportunity to work on my art and spend time with my family with out worrying about money would be a dream come true. That is why I am trying to make this work and build a passive income portfolio.

Make sure you know why you want to make passive income through Niche Sites. It makes the long hours and lonely nights more bearable.

Thank You to

The Madman of Magic Comic book is scheduled to launch January 1, 2013.  That is 21 days away.  With all the excitement of finding a new printer, preparing kickstarter rewards, etc; I have had little time to plan the actual marketing for the launch.

With such little time, I will be limiting my marketing efforts on this launch and instead schedule in time for the second comic book launch.

This video gives some great resources and practical tips for planning and learning about the best way to get free publicity and how to properly utilize your paid strategies.

I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did.

A crazy week as usual.  It was hard to find the time to put in my 16 hours this week.  My wife is due any day, the comic book (Madman of Magic) my wife and me are working on, my laptop died, family is planning to come to see the baby, I signed a new contract for putting on animation workshops for the local schools, and …. Well that is all I remember I can remember, but I did find 16 hours to work on the Niche Site.

Still in the Middle of my BackLinking Strategy

I have figured out that attempting a backlinking strategy for the first time is very time consuming.

This tool makes it a little easier (it is free):

Some Notes on article directories:

These are links for my back linking strategy.  If you don’t know what that is, please read my post from Week 5: Back links and Article Marketing

Sites that no longer work or cost money

  • Article Dashboard now charges money.
  • Article Blast said my account hasn’t been approved yet.  It has been a few weeks and I still haven’t heard anything.  I did have to submit examples of work, which is cool, but you think they would have contacted me by now.
  • Aricle Alley said the email provider (gmail) is blocked.  This is weird to block google email accounts, but I am not opening or using one of my website accounts for a backlinking strategy.
  • Buzzle said external links are no longer allowed in Articles.  I signed up and was about to post when I read this.
  • The Free Library does not accept new articles at this time.
  • iSnare says you can post an article and have your website on the article, but if you want it to link back (be clickable) then it costs money.  I put one article on there just for the heck of it since I went through the trouble of opening an account, but I will not be posting any more.

Sites I did use

I have received a lot of questions surrounding my choices with Kickstarter and the Madman of Magic Comic Book project. I figure instead of answering the same questions over and over again, I will share them here for everyone to read.
If you have a question of your own, leave it in the comment section and I will answer them too.


What do you think of Kickstarter?


Kickstarter is ideal for projects like mine.  My wife and I don’t have any way to raise funding for investing in this project or, at least in our case, not to cover all of it.  With Kickstarter we can pre-sell and see if people are interested in our work.  It turns out they are interested in our project and in a big way.


Isn’t Kickstarter a scam?


I guess it depends on how you define scam or who’s projects you fund.  I am not sure what happens if a user doesn’t fulfill his backer’s rewards.  Maybe someone could have a project, collect the money, and run.  I am not sure, but the 3 projects I have funded all seem to be fulfilling their rewards