Microphone for podcasting

Microphone is set!

I’ve had the “podcasting” page up on this blog in November of 2012 with “COMING SOON” at the top. I originally put it up there because I assumed it would motivate me to get working on putting out a podcast.

Yet here I am, 5 months later without a podcast up.

Tonight I am playing around with the equipment and figured I should try a short recording to get familiar with the software.

Here it is:

Sorry if the audio is more mundane then you expected. The plan wasn’t to be clever, but to push forward with my plans to create a podcast.

I am very excited to start the podcast and hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making this first quick audio.

Super Comic CreatorWe all have our favorite comic creators (some of mine are Stephan Pastis, Norm Feuti, and Aaron Johnson). We see them and think, how cool would it be to be “insert name”. They have made it and I want to be there.

Comic creators are forged, not born!

You might envy your heroes of comics, but you shouldn’t want to be them. You can’t be them, so lets focus on you (what are we going to do with you?).

All those guys started off creating their first comic strips or comic book pages. They have been where you are right now and struggled with finding their way in making it a career.

What did they need to do?

Adding a few pagesMy last post on my Niche Site experience was almost 3 months ago. A lot has happened since then not relating to the Niche Site.

As many of you know, my wife gave birth to our first child, we ran a successful Kickstarter campaign, and printed our first comic book.

In other words, we have been insanely busy.

This is why I hope to master niche sites. The opportunity to work on my art and spend time with my family with out worrying about money would be a dream come true. That is why I am trying to make this work and build a passive income portfolio.

Make sure you know why you want to make passive income through Niche Sites. It makes the long hours and lonely nights more bearable.

Thank You to

We are finally on the last leg of the Kickstarter Campaign.  We received the Comic Books from the publisher and they look great.

Comic Books from Printer

Leah and I will be packaging the Rewards this weekend.  Your package will be shipped out by Monday.  If you did not get a survey from Kickstarter asking for your address (for those that need to receive rewards via mail) please contact me through Kickstarter.  I still need several backers’ addresses to ship their rewards.

We want to thank everyone for the wonderful support and your patience in getting the Rewards out.  It has been a wonderful experience and an eye opener to the possibility of making this a full time career for my wife and me.

To support this we have:

  • 2,800 Twitter followers
  • 500 Facebook Fans
  • 430 YouTube Subscriber (with 27,000 views!!!)
  • And the best friends ever (we consider all of you our friends)

Madman of Magic Christmas

For those backers that are suppose to get a .pdf copy of the comic, they were sent out last week. If you are suppose to get one and you didn’t please email me. No new news on the printer and the timeline on distribution, but I will have all that figured out by Monday.

“Thank you” section

For those backers of $5, $10, and $25 or above please check the last update to make sure your name is on the list, is spelled correctly, and is how you want it to appear in the comic book.

I will need any changes and/or corrections by January 1st.

Reviewers are in on the digital comic book (.pdf version) and people are digging the comic.
Here are the reaction I have received from backers so far.

At the bottom of this update is the list of all of those who are in the “Thank You” section.  If you are supposed to be on the list (backers of $10 or more and $5 backers), please check that your name is on the list and spelled correctly.

We are still doing changes to the comic book, but we are very close!

Madman Comic Book roughs

The entire family is helping

Down to 3 printers