Where is your audience?

I am a creator of things. Those things include comic books, animated shorts, videos, podcasts, blog post, on, and on… We will call this stuff content.

Some people like to see, read, watch, or listen to my stuff. We will call these people my “audience.”

Today’s video lists seven ways to make money with your comic book or comic beyond the traditional comic book store route. As independent artists it is almost impossible to make the traditional system work for us unless a “decent size” publisher is involved.

Instead consider using alternative revenue streams and more importantly several revenue streams to fund your comic books.

The ways mentioned in the video include:

My office is currently messy.

It is a little embarrassing, but mostly annoying.

It is hard to find what I want, I’m tripping over things, important items are getting lost… It is just annoying, but I have been here before. It happens once or twice a month where it becomes too much and I just need to get my act together and clean.

Office of Clutter

Why is it so messy?

I was going to write an article on the Legality of Fan Art for today’s post. During my research I ran into this video. This talk is way more informative than my article ever could be. Not to mention the guy speaking is a lawyer and has a lot of experience with Copyright Law.

I hope this helps you get a better grasp on Fan Art Law.

What I find interesting is that a lot of commissions are created illegally (infringe copyright laws), but people still do it. My question to you is, should making money with someone else’s character be illegal? Have you done it? Who does it hurt?

I’m working on Labor Day to write this blog post.

Rarely will you find me trying to persuade anyone against creating art, webcomics, or an online business; this article will be the closest I get. Don’t take this article as an excuse not to get working on that project that you just need to complete. Instead I want you to be aware that following your dreams and creating things you can be proud of is a lot of work.

Want a Successful Online Business?

You’ll never have a Vacation Again

Want to make a living doing webcomics? Then you need to stop thinking of yourself as a cartoonist. You are now a business person, which means you need to think of your webcomic as a business and not just as something that brings you pleasure.

One of the draw backs to making webcomics your career is that you rarely get a vacation. Even when I do get a vacation I find myself constantly thinking about the work I could be getting done or even making time to do those things (which my wife really hates).

How to overcome this fate