I wanted to quickly post the 30 articles I did for my “30 blog post challenge”.

Doing the challenge was rough, sometimes fun, and worth it.

I hope to be doing more challenges in the future. I recommend you give it a try as well. It doesn’t have to be 30; it can be 10, 5 or 3.
If you are really struggling to get stuff done, you can challenge yourself to do 1 of something.

It makes a difference in your creative work, and you will feel it when you’ve completed a challenge.

Directory of the 30 Blog Post Challenge:

I hate blogging.

That is not entirely accurate, but how I feel right now.

What I learned from 30 days of blogging is that I am not a huge fan of writing. I can stand it when I need to and enjoy it occasionally, but overall it isn’t for me.

Not Giving Up

Not loving writing doesn’t mean I have to renounce my dream of making a living from online business.

There are many other mediums to experiment with.
Such as:

  • Comics
  • Infographics
  • Video
  • Animation
  • Podcasts
  • And more…

I’ve been working towards funding my survival entirely online for the past ten years. While I have been able to make money with services, I still struggle with making all my from digital products, affiliates, & advertisements. Just from the amount of research and time I’ve spent looking through sites, I have three that I come back to again and again.

But first, for the new readers,

What is Internet Marketing?

The simple answer is that Internet marketing is using the Internet to promote something.

It has a broad scope of activities that fall under this definition. Some of these include email marketing, Google Ads, social media, viral content creation, search engine optimization, and more.

It is also known as digital marketing, online marketing, and web-based marketing.
There are a lot of synonyms for internet marketing.

The List

A few years ago, I activated the plugin Tweet old post (now called Revive Old Post), and I have to say at first I loved it.  The first few months I couldn’t get it to work correctly.

Once it was updated, it worked great. A free plugin that does something cool, you can’t beat that.  If you are looking for an easy way to bring in your Twitter followers to your blog, this plugin is a cheap (free) way to do that.

Why should you post blog links on Twitter (3 good reasons):

  1. It brings in traffic to old posts that people might have missed.
  2. It gives your viewers another way to find you (especially if retweeted).
  3. It keeps your Twitter followers happy by giving them good content to read.

This free app does this.

Why I DON’T Use This App

Online Income Stream

When I started blogging, my hero and inspiration was Pat Flynn. I still love his work, but I don’t follow him as closely these days.

I like him because he was upfront about how hard it is to make a living with websites, digital products, and blogging. He was also very open about how much money he made/makes.

The reason I have a hard time following Pat today is that he now makes over a million dollars a year ($150,000+ for the month March of 2016). He deserves every penny, but it is harder to relate to him at that scale of income.

To help if you are just getting started, here are three types of online income I recommend. Each includes links to people who are doing them well.

Top 3 Types of Online Income:

Where is your audience?

I am a creator of things. Those things include comic books, animated shorts, videos, podcasts, blog post, on, and on… We will call this stuff content.

Some people like to see, read, watch, or listen to my stuff. We will call these people my “audience.”