Pajama DayToday my son and I have decided it is pajama day. A day in which we get to wear our pajamas all day.

At the same time that I play with my son I am also working on my business.

While this can be stressful at times, I love the opportunity to be both active in my son’s life and do something I enjoy.

What is your pajama day like?

I would love to hear ways that you celebrate your loved ones and work towards your goals. Leave these in the comment section below.

Jason in bathtubAs I read this post I am soaking in a hotel bathtub. Not only am I creating this post while relaxing, I am not even writing. Instead I am using my iPhone’s ability to write what I say.

This completely changes the way I view blogging!

While I will be making many changes to this site and my other blogs, this new way of creating blog posts will greatly influence those changes. I am very excited to see the possibilities from this.

Today’s video lists seven ways to make money with your comic book or comic beyond the traditional comic book store route. As independent artists it is almost impossible to make the traditional system work for us unless a “decent size” publisher is involved.

Instead consider using alternative revenue streams and more importantly several revenue streams to fund your comic books.

The ways mentioned in the video include:

We are working on a new product that teaches you how to animate using inexpensive equipment (most of which you already own) and free software (which is already on your computer).

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