Today I received a surprising message from Kickstarter.  According to their newest press release, they will be changing their name from Kickstarter to Kickstartr.

Why would such a popular website change its name now?

Well, there is a long list of companies that have done this in the past.

For example:

  • The Walt Disney Company use to be called Laugh-O-Gram Studio
  • Xerox was originally Copy Cat Company
  • Nissan started car production as Datsu
  • Apple inc before incorporation was Job Industries.

For the reason behind the change, you must read the press release below:

Publishing a BookWhile being elbow deep in working on the second comic book of the Madman of Magic series, I have decided it might be time to start planning my first non-fiction book. It is an idea I have had for over 5 years and something I would like to finish this year.

I am not sharing the book topic or title yet, I want to keep some things a surprise, but instead I will be sharing some great articles I found while contemplating self-publishing vs finding a publisher.

1: An Overview of Traditional and Self-Publishing

ComiXologyComiXology was recently hacked.

With the Kickstarter data break-in last month and now with this comiXology security breach, it seems the independent comic creator and readers are having a rough year with keeping their information safe.

Fortunately for us it sounds like the hackers were only able to get access to usernames, email addresses, and encrypted passwords. This means you should both change your password and be cautious of any emails you get from ComiXology trying to get you to email back personal information. If you do those two things, there shouldn’t be a problem.

Below is the email from ComiXology to readers:

BooksI am writing this while I am in the middle of placing my book collection (which is several hundred books) for sale on Amazon. I am not doing this to have a Zen lifestyle (“less material goods means happier life”). I am not doing this to make it easier to clean my house, but that is a perk. I am doing it to fund my art.

At the same time, I’m dropping down to part time at my day job. Which means a lot more time to work on all the projects I have lined up, but it also means a lot less money coming in.

I realize I need to buckle down and come up with ways to fund my artistic lifestyle both for myself and to continue to keep my family happy and healthy.

Here are 5 Ways to Help Fund your Artist Lifestyle.

1. Sell your Belongings

Sister Claire VideoI’m not a Catholic, though if I had to list a religion it’s probably the one I have the most experience with.  Which is probably what made me look at this comic in the first place.  How he HELL do you make NUNS hilarious?  Wait, wait, one of these nuns is pregnant?  And it’s immaculate you say?  Hmm, this requires further investigation!

Sister Claire is a novice nun, an orphan abandoned as a newborn and raised in the faith and now, the angel Gabrielle (making her first appearance from out of the toilet) has come to share the good news!  I’m on page 40 right now and when I get done writing this I’m going back in for more!  There are questions I have to get to the bottom of.

Sandra and WooA precocious young girl and her father rescue a pet raccoon from an abusive owner.  Ooooh!  Clever move!  Starting the strip off by immediately forcing me to feel concern for the lil’ fur ball and the people who care enough not to let animal abuse carry on.

About four strips into the series, in the course of naming their new furry friend, we are able to read into the raccoon’s thoughts.  Apparently he abhors the name ‘Rascal’ and laments that it seems to be the fate of every domestic raccoon because Rascal is to raccoon as Fido is to Dog.  I love, love, LOVE that the authors of this strip knew to blame Sterling North for that.  There’s probably nothing better than a quasi-obscure reference to call me back to childhood and surprise me into a chortle!

Robin ChildsToday on the show we have

Robin Childs

Robin Childs is a writer, illustrator, and the Co-owner of Moko Press.

Robin has a cool story in that she was a Mechanical Engineer who loved to create comics, tell stories, and create art. Recently she left that Engineering job (which she didn’t like) to become a part-time paraprofessional at a local elementary school giving her more time to work on her comic and her business.

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