25 Days til Kickstarter

I feel like I am not getting much done. With the new baby in the house, my two year old wanting to play, performing shows,

My products format

I will create an eBook, Videos, and off my workshop. I am considering doing  a some VIP Google Hangouts as an up sell if I can get enough people interested after buying the ebook.

Where I am selling my product

It will be a pre-sell via Kickstarter. I would like to get a little bit done to have a chapter or two to share. After that I will sell it on amazon and my websites.

My product’s outline

29 Days Till Kickstarter Launch

The last few days have not been as productive as I hoped. I did get some tasks completed (listed below) but not everything I had originally planned. Going forward I need to stop setting my expectation unreasonably high in what I think I should be able to accomplish.

Did you hear I have a new site?

I am hoping the audience from this site will help promote the Kickstarter campaign.

New Site Audience

32 days till kickstarter

Unfortunately my daughter has  jaundice which means she needs to give blood daily. Thanks to our capitalist driven healthcare, instead of getting blood work at the hospital we have to take her to a place that charges the insurance company less money.  This company is cheaper because the person running the place was fired from McDonalds and now trying to figure out how to take blood from a new born.

Completed Today

Launching Kickstarter in 35 Days

I have been talking about creating an e-book version of my animation workshop for the past year. I’ve tweeted about it and people seem interested; I just can’t seem to get myself motivated to move forward.

Now that I am unemployed (I lost my job 2 month ago) I feel it is the best time to do something.

Kickstarter Experiment

Right now I’m at the park with my son. Watching him play is making me think about my life.

I am constantly struggling with what my idea life would be like, what my life goals are, and how I would like to spend my days.

I created this checklist for myself and figure it is something we can all learn from.