Will my Kickstarter Project TakeOff?

Maybe I am being over dramatic. Or I have just listened to too many success stories the last few days. But, if this Kickstarter does well it could mean my life will never be the same…In a good way!

In case you didn’t know, I am launching a Kickstarter to fund an e-book version of my animation workshop.

I am calling it the Home Animation Handbook. It is a digital book for individuals wanting to learn how to make fun animated videos. It will teach the basics of how to make animated videos using equipment you already own.

If this is successful it will create hundreds of new animators out there. This means more creators and more to watch… I am getting excited just thinking about it.

Steven Spielberg portrait

I have eight days before I launch my kick starter campaign. I have to say that I am both nervous and excited. I sat down this morning and came up with this schedule in preparation for the upcoming launch date.

I hope you find this interesting and/or useful for your own campaign.

Things to do (& do date):

Sarah Roark

Today on the show we have

Sarah Roark

Sarah Roark is the creator of the vampire comedy After Daylight

In this episode we talk about Sarah’s writing process, how she shades her comics by hand, why she choose Kickstarter, and more.

Things mentioned in this episode

Survey33 people took my survey back in June of 2014. Below is the data mixed together so that no one (not even me) can determine who’s answer came from which participant.

I will be talking about this data over the next few updates. Also, I am switching my Kickstarter update schedule to once a week but I can’t guarantee what day of the week that will be.

Question 1 – Are you interested in learning how to create your first animated video in just a few hours without having to buy special software or expensive equipment?

25 Days til Kickstarter

I feel like I am not getting much done. With the new baby in the house, my two year old wanting to play, performing shows,

My products format

I will create an eBook, Videos, and off my workshop. I am considering doing  a some VIP Google Hangouts as an up sell if I can get enough people interested after buying the ebook.

Where I am selling my product

It will be a pre-sell via Kickstarter. I would like to get a little bit done to have a chapter or two to share. After that I will sell it on amazon and my websites.

My product’s outline

29 Days Till Kickstarter Launch

The last few days have not been as productive as I hoped. I did get some tasks completed (listed below) but not everything I had originally planned. Going forward I need to stop setting my expectation unreasonably high in what I think I should be able to accomplish.

Did you hear I have a new site?

I am hoping the audience from this site will help promote the Kickstarter campaign.

New Site Audience