Good Morning Rock Stars!

If you’re like me your sipping a cup of watered down Organic Chai, watching the sun Slowly rise over Interstate 94 through your window, and finally getting around to the project you have wanted to do for no other reason than just to say it is done and in the words of the famously nasal Steve Urkel “Did I do that?”.

My current work is a remix of some old Olson Twins video and a variety of Herman Cain videos…. That is right, I am fighting the good fight. I would like to thank Melissa Morrow for inspiring the idea and hope to have it published in a matter of hours. That is if my cat stops distracting me.

Have a great morning.

Jason Love

New show is coming out on Comedy Cartoon Network called “Secret Mountain Fort Awesome”. Looks weird, which I like, but will it be funny enough to keep attention or have a strong enough story line?

You can read a little at animation magazine article.

Blog-o-sphere take note. I am restarting my energy towards web creation. I want to fix up my web presences and bring it all to a head that is interconnected.

Let’s focus on the presence. I am writing an article for my blog after several months of being absent. The truth is I am sitting at my computer with a cat around my neck thinking… ‘what is the point of this blog?’ Should I just erase all of it and think of the blog as a lesson learned? Maybe it can help me focus?

You may not believe this but I have a scattered view of the world. I don’t know what to do with myself or what I want to do as far as a career. I guess this problem comes from a variety of neuroses and an inability to focus on one project for more than a few days. My fits of ADD, OCD, anti-social behavior, etc., etc., etc. really threw off my life on a regular basis. At the age of twenty… Wait how old am I 28? 27? I am 28 going to be 29 in a few months. To make it a more suitable number, let’s say 30. I am a 30 year old currently in student loan prison and I can’t dig myself out.  I need a bigger spoon.

These are the problems of my generation as I understand them. We want what we don’t have and the emptiness builds when we don’t get it. How do I cope with that? I am supposed to be tough, strong, and all knowing. I watch those action movies, those are the representation of who I am expected to be. Instead I am a 30 year old dork.

I am totally screwed!

Lessons on Websites…. Don’t lose your Files

Welcome to another entry into my life. I recently I attempted to take a 2 TB Hard Drive made by Seagate to my Father-In-Laws house on an 8 hour road trip. This turned out to be disastrous to the drive since somehow it jarred it enough to break the inner workings. At the moment of realization when the drive just kept beeping instead of producing all the beautiful data that was stored on it I realized maybe I should have backed up all of stuff on that drive…. STUPID, STUPID, STUPID ME!

Watered Down Image of Drew Carey

Drew Carey is a comedian that inspires those individuals coming to comedy later in their lives. Not only did he get started late, he had lots of random and demeaning jobs before becoming a stand up. Some comedians who get a late start have great jobs that allow them to live off of some savings or work around performing in a happy environment. Drew Carey was not one of those lucky individuals. He was in the military, was a bank teller, and a waiter meaning he had to work his way into the business after starting later then many professional comedians and with a minimum income from his day job.

This transition into comedy was not easy due to Drew’s struggles with depression, anxiety, and suicide which he attempted before his stand up career took off (Access Hollywood interview). He went to college but was expelled because of his grades before going into the Military for six years. According to Drew self-help books and religion helped him get through the rough times in his life (from interview).

1985 at the age of 27 Drew Carey begins stand up due to having it suggested to him from a disc jockey friend; at the same time he is waiting tables at a restaurant. Carey utilized a joke writing book he picked up from the library to get his first set together and made a New Years resolution for 1986 to hit the amateur comedy nights (Pittsburgh post-gazette article). By April he was a paid MC at the Cleveland Comedy Club.

At age 29 he attempted the move to LA, but returned after running out of money, but 1988 brought a great leap in his career when he appeared on Star Search and did well (watch it here). At 33 he made his first appearance on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. From there his career took off!

Links: Drew Carey Timeline of Life
Wikipedia on Drew Carey

This is a something I was asked to write in order to help save CRC from being cut from my High School. This is a class I took that introduced me to improve acting and reignited my passion for the performing arts.

CRC has impacted me in many ways. As a child, I was always scared of public performance and the idea of talking in front of a group. When joining CRC my senior year I attempted to get out of having to perform, but when Ms. Gibson asked me to be part of the team and the show I did not want to let the team down, so I did the play which I enjoyed. In 2005 I graduated from Northland College and started as a full time Performer (magician) at Six Flags Great America Theme Park. My performances have included appearing on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and appearing on America’s Got Talent (this season). While I am still nervous of performing in front of people at times, I have learned that I love entertaining audiences. This class taught me about improve acting, how to write a show, having stage presence, and the thrill of performing for an audience.

To say CRC has had an impact on my life and career would be an understatement. In my academic life I have found my experiences in CRC have been very helpful. Through my undergraduate studies and my graduate work I have used my experiences in CRC as references during class discussions, papers, and research on a variety of subjects, including leadership, team dynamics, group psychology, etc.

During my time in the Racine Unified School District I took all required classes, several advanced classes, and some IB courses, of all of these, the class that I reference the most is CRC. Beyond influencing my career choices and academic experiences, CRC has taught me about personal relations and the importance of community at the same time understanding self-reflection. Leadership, conflict resolution, problem solving, responsibility, and empathy; these are areas school very rarely gets an opportunity to instill in students. CRC is a class that teaches these skills beyond the theatre curriculum and I recommend it to anyone who wants a meaningful experience that will help them in the future.