Last night I started the process of preparing for my Kickstarter campaign. I am very excited as it would be a great step in finishing the Madman of Magic Comic Book. I will be documenting my progress through Kickstarter. My goal is to get my Kickstarter page up and collecting by April 1, 2012 (today is March 16, 2012).

It is 6:43 am and I realize I have updated all my social media (Facebook and Twitter) but did not inform you everything is a go. The 5 am YouTube video of my progress is late because it took 30 minutes to create, 30 minutes to render, and it is still uploading. It turns out if you need to get a video up by a certain time… It is best to do it hours in advance. It is uploading now and it says 42 minutes left. We will see if that is true in about 42 minutes.

On March 6, 2012 at 5 AM I will begin the first hour of the 48 hours I have to complete the Madman of Magic motion comic. This motion comic will be used as a trailer for the graphic novel I have written. Not only will it be used to promote, but to help raise money through and any other fund raising sites I may stumble upon this month.


I will be completing this task at my home office using my computer and any resources I can obtain from my location. My wife has agreed to help, but because she has to work can only guarantee me about 10 hours total in the 48 I have to finish this. As far as hardware, we have an inexpensive HP desktop with several portable hard drives to hold large video files and a Wacom tablet. I will be using Adobe Master Collection CS3 (I know I am poor and should upgrade to CS5) with my main skills being with Photoshop, some Flash animation experience, and vary small amount of experience with Premier. The internet I have to use is slow because it is a Cricket Mobile Broadband device that I use at the house because they don’t offer any other internet where I live (in the sticks).


Why am I doing this? For two main reasons; number 1 is that I work best under pressure. I have been very interested in time management, e-commerce, online income streams, and I realize one of my problems, one of my personal faults, is that I don’t finish a lot of things I start. This is my solution. 48 Hours is all I have and to add a little more stress on finishing, I have to present my finished product the day I finish my 48 hours to the Milwaukee Animation Group in the Milwaukee Institute for Art and Design.


The 2nd reason for doing this is to allow me an opportunity to inspire others who have the same interest and maybe have the same problem with procrastination. If I go through my process and my experience others can learn from my mistakes and from my successes.


This is why I will be uploading my progress via YouTube videos through this website. You can follow along as I post a video at every 5 O’clock from hear till the last one on the morning of March 8th.


Come back here for updates and videos of my progress…. Thanks for following along!