Blog-o-sphere take note. I am restarting my energy towards web creation. I want to fix up my web presences and bring it all to a head that is interconnected.

Let’s focus on the presence. I am writing an article for my blog after several months of being absent. The truth is I am sitting at my computer with a cat around my neck thinking… ‘what is the point of this blog?’ Should I just erase all of it and think of the blog as a lesson learned? Maybe it can help me focus?

You may not believe this but I have a scattered view of the world. I don’t know what to do with myself or what I want to do as far as a career. I guess this problem comes from a variety of neuroses and an inability to focus on one project for more than a few days. My fits of ADD, OCD, anti-social behavior, etc., etc., etc. really threw off my life on a regular basis. At the age of twenty… Wait how old am I 28? 27? I am 28 going to be 29 in a few months. To make it a more suitable number, let’s say 30. I am a 30 year old currently in student loan prison and I can’t dig myself out.  I need a bigger spoon.

These are the problems of my generation as I understand them. We want what we don’t have and the emptiness builds when we don’t get it. How do I cope with that? I am supposed to be tough, strong, and all knowing. I watch those action movies, those are the representation of who I am expected to be. Instead I am a 30 year old dork.

I am totally screwed!