The plan is in two days on March 6, 2012 I will be attempting to create a motion comic in under 48 hours. The first question you might ask is why I would do this? The answer is… I am attempting to raise money via for an online graphic novel. According to my friends Melissa and Loyal, it is important to have a video with any fundraising attempts through Kickstarter because it helps to add visual appeal and shows commitment to potential funders.

During the 48 hour time span I will also be posting YouTube videos of my progress. The plan is to shoot a video and post it every 12 hours. Feel free to follow along with me in real time or if you’re reading this in the future you can watch these videos as I will post them on this blog.

A heart wearing a graduation cap1) Freedom: While I very rarely skipped classes I didn’t have someone standing over me keeping track and if I went to class I felt like going.

2) Constant Learning: I felt constantly stimulated, challenged, and enjoy learning. Once I was in the work place it was important not to ask too many questions.

3) People: People at my college were constantly working on projects they felt either made the world a better place or made them better people. People who work regular jobs just want to get home to watch TV.

4) Adventures: These adventures people went on allowed for opportunities to do exciting things. White water rafting, primitive skills camping, downhill skiing are all things and more I tried while I was in my 4 years of undergraduate school.

5) Finding Myself: The freedom, the constant learning, meeting and interacting with exciting people, and going on adventures all allowed me to find myself and to continue my journey of determining who I want to be. Working a regular job has only made me feel depressed and as if I am becoming someone I don’t want to be…. This is why finding financial freedom in something I am passionate about!

Image of a Bad ClockI have struggled with time management for a while now and it is very frustrating. Procrastination, obsessive compulsive tendencies, depression, self-destructive behavior has all taken their toll on my ability to use time efficiently. I look around and wonder, have I wasted my 29 years of life one second at a time? Will my future time be wasted as well?

Part of this issue I blame on my center brained thinking process. In planning my day I struggle between organization and embraced chaos with constant dissidents over this balancing act.

My newest solution to this problem is to embrace a form of chaotic planning. I will allow myself the comfort of long-term planning but promote flexibility in the day-to-day activities. The plan is to keep track of things that need to get done and complete them when I feel like doing them instead of trying to force myself to accomplish tasks in a direct order. I hope that the reduced stress from my freedom of choice will allow me to enjoy completing those things that need to get done.

If this will work I am not sure, but I will keep you updated.

Woody Allen was born in Brooklyn, NY in the December of 1935 as Allan Stewart Konigsberg. In his childhood he enjoyed magic, movies, and music. Mr. Allen got started writing comedy for his school newspaper while in High School but he wasn’t sure what he wanted to be in his adult career. He went to college, but he dropped out. With help of a relative, the young Allan started writing for radio and television.

At age 25, he began performing even though he had immense stage fright. He would practice at small clubs till he could get over being in front of larger and larger audiences. His first film was the 1965 classic “What’s New Pussycat?”. His first directing role was in 1966 for “What’s Up, Tiger Lily?”. From there he has been very active as a Writer, Director, and Actor often being all three in many of his movies.

Woody Allen’s success can be attributed to his insane work ethic. He is known for constantly practicing and perfecting his interests, often times locking himself away in his own apartment to work with little interaction with the outside world. This has been an advantage in that his movies are often un-influenced by other people’s work. Woody Allen tries to stay true to himself. Instead of making movies that he believes will be commercial success, he makes ones he would want to watch.

Looking over Woody Allen’s life we can see wild success, but it comes at a price. Neurosis, anxiety, and anti-social behavior is the curse this talented man must live with. It seems for Mr. Allen, being productive and prolific in the art form of film is his coping mechanism to life.

If you would like to see Woody Allen’s extensive filmography list click here.

Dashlane how I love thee.

I have been using Dashlane for 24 hours and I have to say I like it. I had problems at first getting the software to work properly. I am not sure what the problem was, but as soon as I installed it a second time it worked fine.

The thing I love about it is that I can use it as a website list of blogs I am a member of. I find it difficult to keep track of what sites I am a member of and then also keep my username and password connected for each of those sites. This application allows me to keep all that information in one location.

I find this enormously helpful and hope to utilize this in my marketing efforts. It allows me to keep blogs, message boards, and social media sites my fans/consumers would use in order and with the ability to log in with one click. This is a beautiful thing for someone like me who is constantly struggling with organizations and systems.