I have been very busy from my home office in Wisconsin trying to sell off my unused belongings in order to live a more streamline life while making some extra cash. One of the items that I’ve recently sold was a laptop screen, LCD, from my broken laptop. This item was a pain to package due to how fragile it was but I went out and bought a padded envelope and found some cardboard to secure on each side of the screen. While I was there at the P.O. I was struck with the idea that it might be important to get insurance.

Amazon Sale Receipt Image

Proof of Value

The costs for both of these services were under $3 with shipping being $9.45 and I sure am glad I got the insurance. Shortly after mailing the product I received an email saying the screen was damaged in shipment. To file my claim, I simply had to go to https://www.usps.com/ship/file-insurance-claims.htm and click the link to start an online insurance claim, register, provide proof of items value, and proof of damage. For proof of value I provided a screen shot of the amazon sales receipt in JPEG form and for proof of damage I sent a photo the buyer emailed to me.

Picture of Cracked Lap Top Screen

Not a very good proof of damage

As you can see, the image from the seller was of low quality. This made me nervous if the Post Office would hassle me about getting my insurance money. It turned out there was no trouble and I received approval in less than a week. If you need to file a claim with the post office, don’t worry it is a very easy process, both painless and easy.

I am putting in the time to try and utilize current events in order to spike my YouTube views. I was able to get a large number of views from Whitney Houston’s death. As I wrote in my past posting (link here) it might have been too early to make a joke about an individual’s death. However, this was an attempt to see if utilizing breaking news with comedy I could boost my YouTube stats. My hope was to prove that the ROI or return on investment in a video like this would be worth the effort and time of production; in turn, see the financial possibilities of this type of YouTube channel with advertisements.

While the number of views has hit over 2000 in less than a day I have not noticed a great increase in income from revenue related to advertisements. In the past I have received higher returns based off of the same number of views. Which statistically tells me that the flexibility and constant change of payments per click and view rates can make a business model around YouTube videos very unstable. This, however, has not deterred me from continuing my research and attempts to find a sustainable business through YouTube videos creation.

Today I want to talk about inappropriate comedy, dark humor, and the boundaries of good taste in humor. I just recently uploaded a video that I’m wondering if should have ever been made. It is a reaction to Whitney Houston’s death. This is a current news topic and I wanted to create something as a way to catch the views as her name becomes a common search item on Google and YouTube. I don’t feel what I created was too mean, but was playing off of her death and maybe taking her death too light heartedly.

The question becomes, Where to draw the line?

The video isn’t the best ever made. It was created fast to take advantage of current news and people’s habit of researching current events. In the end I feel it isn’t a good video, but with 2,000 views in fewer than 24 hours I considered continuing those types of videos and hoping it will bring him a few subscriptions (and me a better understanding of YouTube Income possibilities).

Dashlane Logo

I just downloaded Dashlane and I have to say I am really skeptical. The idea of placing all my passwords in one place for an individual to steal feels counterproductive for digital security. From what I have read, it sounds safe, so I will give it a try.

I will keep you updated as to how I find the application to work.

TO see the setup process you can go to http://windows.appstorm.net/reviews/frictionless-login-and-account-management-with-dashlane/ and/or download the application and get more information at https://www.dashlane.com.