Sister Claire VideoI’m not a Catholic, though if I had to list a religion it’s probably the one I have the most experience with.  Which is probably what made me look at this comic in the first place.  How he HELL do you make NUNS hilarious?  Wait, wait, one of these nuns is pregnant?  And it’s immaculate you say?  Hmm, this requires further investigation!

Sister Claire is a novice nun, an orphan abandoned as a newborn and raised in the faith and now, the angel Gabrielle (making her first appearance from out of the toilet) has come to share the good news!  I’m on page 40 right now and when I get done writing this I’m going back in for more!  There are questions I have to get to the bottom of.

Sandra and WooA precocious young girl and her father rescue a pet raccoon from an abusive owner.  Ooooh!  Clever move!  Starting the strip off by immediately forcing me to feel concern for the lil’ fur ball and the people who care enough not to let animal abuse carry on.

About four strips into the series, in the course of naming their new furry friend, we are able to read into the raccoon’s thoughts.  Apparently he abhors the name ‘Rascal’ and laments that it seems to be the fate of every domestic raccoon because Rascal is to raccoon as Fido is to Dog.  I love, love, LOVE that the authors of this strip knew to blame Sterling North for that.  There’s probably nothing better than a quasi-obscure reference to call me back to childhood and surprise me into a chortle!

Oglaf Webcomic Adult WarningI found a fun webcomic to help everyone get into the Valentines Day spirit.

Okay, disclaimer timeWhen I clicked on the link to Oglaf! The creators  kindly warned me with an ‘are-you-18?’ button stating that the content was appropriate for neither kids nor work.  If you are offended by images of a pornographic nature this isn’t for you!

I myself am totally not into the gratuitous porn scene but as a bibliophile I have taken a vow to read the first 5 pages of everything no matter the content…  so I did.  These guys are great!

Okay, okay, I assumed it would impossible to turn anything as raunchy-graphic as this into something I would like, but it is just so funny!  So inventive.  The style is so attractive and there’s even an irresistible fairy tale-like spin too so I had absolutely no choice but to love Oglaf!

weregeekIn my house we love Halloween time, which is only complete with pumpkins and scary movies.  This is probably why I was initially attracted to Weregeek.  Not that it’s Halloween themed, but it kinda starts out that way.

The premise so far is that our protagonist, Mark, is a so-called ‘normal’ guy going about his normal life is suddenly feeling the sway of the ‘gaming moon’ which means that instead of sprouting fur, fang and a lust for flesh he just gets an overwhelming craving for polyhedral dice and D&D.

Two Guys and Guy Logo“Two Guys and Guy” follows the daily life of three friends, Wayne, Frank and the girl named Guy.

So far I think that the deadpan Frank is my favorite but of course what’s best about Frank is not just that he’s so funny but that he needs to say the least to get the bigger laugh.  Just the reactions that he gets out of the other two, hilarious!

League of Super Redundant Heroes ImageThe first strip of LoSRH sure does attract the eye.  Our first Super Redundant Hero intro belongs to Distracterella, oh, boy.  Does she distract!  Quick!  Flip to the second strip and prepare to mop up the drool!  Okay, set aside the brunette bimbo and take a gander at the totally chortle worthy writing.  Here is an excerpt from the backstory of our super villain ‘Evil Savant.’

Edwin Porkington was once known as the highest educated mentally disabled person in America.  With a Ph.D. in hugs and a masters in petting dogs too hard… But one fateful day Tummytubbies was cancelled…  That day Edwin Porkington died…  And the Evil Savant was born!”