Comic Review Ménage a 3

Adult Comic Review

I don’t know what did it, but the very first panel of Ménage a 3 somehow reminded me immediately of ‘Archie’ comics (forgive me, creators!). Yes, Archie until the two guys mid-coitus in the last panel of the first strip.

Oh, so we’re this kind of comic are we? 😉 I found that I liked the juxtaposition of Jughead meets ‘bom Chicka wah wahhhh!’ Interesting start!

We move forward when the newly outed couple immediately announce their intention to move out of the lead character’s apartment. They already placed an ad for their replacements.  The final applicants… two gorgeous girls, one of them has breasts so big that it doesn’t allow the viewer to look at anything else in the frame.

What is a 29-year-old virgin comic nerd who’s never even held hands with a girl to do?  Well, I’m going to find out!  Do yourself a favor and try it out yourself!

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Two Men Kissing