Over the years I’ve used this blog in a variety of ways. This includes journaling, how tools, experimenting with topics, and podcasting.

From now, I will be using it as a note-taking tool. Which is a bit strange, but I think it is an interesting idea. And it will be a lot of fun.

Having a place to locate and search some of my notes will make my life easier… I hope.

UPDATE 10/26/16

This blog has slowly turned into a place to share my personal life (mostly through Vlogs) and things I am playing with (mostly science or art stuff). The irony is that this use is the reason I originally created this site.

I have a strong desire to update this website’s design and update the look of compulsivecreative.com. As a way to prepare, I am sharing my process for overhauling the look and design of a WordPress site.

It is a simple 8 steps process.

1) Look at other sites for reference

Go to websites you love and search for new blogs to see what you like and don’t like about each. I make a list of features, designs, column styles, etc. that I like on other sites and what I hate.

For example, the blog http://designshack.net/. I like the side panel and how it is designed but I hate that it is on the left of the page. People will read it first because their eyes go there, but it should be on the right side of the page like all other blogs.

Update: they recently switched their panel to the right side.

2) Determine your site’s purpose

Last week my wife randomly asked, “What was that gum that came in a tape measure case?”

I couldn’t remember the name at first, but the commercials came back instantly.

Gum, for you! Not them!

-Bubble Tape

I hate the idea that advertisements have a direct impact on my wants. But there are a handful of ads I know have influenced my buying habits.

This commercial from the 90’s is one of them (there are a few versions). Unfortunately, this one is a recording of a television screen, but you still get the idea.