“It is no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then”

-Alice in Alice in Wonderland

Image of Alice in WonderlandWho you were is not the same person you are. Those things that happened in the past have consequences on the present, but they don’t determine it.

We are on day three of writing a blog post every day, and I’m on #66 of drawing a sketch-a-day. Trying to form creative habits is not new to me. I have attempted to animate every day, vlog daily, create a comic every day, and other failed attempts that have been quickly forgotten.

What has changed to allow me to stay on task when it comes to sketch-a-day?

I’ve listed five things that have helped me in being consistent.

  • Having Low Expectations
  • Connecting with Other Daily Tasks
  • Seeing Every Day is a New Start
  • Having Easy Access to Tools
  • Plan for Short-Term

1 – Low Expectations

I was headed home today from the Wisconsin Film Festival.

Man in giant grass.While driving, I was thinking about the grass next to the highway. Then I started to think how the grass I was speeding past is made up of small individual blades of grass.

Each blade of grass is an individual. From my point of view, the grass is more or less the same, but that is from my perspective. The reality is that each blade is a living organism. An individual.

A Man and his Dragon
As I mentioned yesterday, I am adding some work and subtracting others.

I am currently in the process of relaunching this blog. At the same time, I’m consolidating the sites that I have dormant.

As the number of blogs I had been working on increased, I had less time to work on each. By dropping the number from six to two, I can focus my time on things that will help grow my blogs.

All the blogs I am working on:
Jason Loves Life (this site)
Niche Site Journal
Business Management Degree Hq
Madman of Magic (Comic Book)

Life / Creative

Behind the scenes of this blog (which seemed just to be sitting) has been a struggle. Being an entrepreneur is hard. For indecisive creative types who suffer from a variety of anxieties, running a business of any kind can become debilitating.

The result of fear is this blog (and my others) going untouched for the last year.

This is about to end.

Launching Kickstarter in 35 Days

I have been talking about creating an e-book version of my animation workshop for the past year. I’ve tweeted about it and people seem interested; I just can’t seem to get myself motivated to move forward.

Now that I am unemployed (I lost my job 2 month ago) I feel it is the best time to do something.

Kickstarter Experiment

I have been using the WordPress app for my latest blog posts. Today I am testing a new app I purchased.

It is called Blogpress.

This is a test to see how well it works.