20100318 (March 18, 2010)

2:45 am: I am Cleaning up old posts, making them look a little better.

2:50 am: I Just watched a video on Ashton Kutcher and how he has a ridicules number of twitter followers (almost as many as CNN). It makes me a little sad.

2:52 am: Cleaning out my email accounts. Which takes longer then I would expect. <While doing this, I found I got a B+ in Financial Accounting>.

4:02 am: Finished cleaning email and not sure what to do with myself. I ended up taking paper work and dropping some off.

4:15 am: Calculating the possibility of making an income from web videos by using information from Homestar Runner.

5:00 am: Calling to cancel nurse for the hospital, unlocking the building, and feeling really tired.

5:07 am: Posting this blog.

It is 2:00 am on a Tuesday Morning. Working on finishing the Hillary animation I started over a year ago. It was a bizarre project to begin with due to the fact that I had no idea how to use flash. Now I do, but it is still a long and slow process. With school and work at the Rehab center it is hard to stay focus on getting anything done.

My goal is to finish it and have it published on 03.10.10. Being that today is 03.09.10; I do not have much time. On the 10th I have to give a presentation and on the 11th I have to take a final exam. If I really push it, I can get something out by then.

I have been awake sporadically throughout the night working on a paper for class. I had to do research and evaluate a few web base communication tool for the EMS of Toronto. The parts I covered were Wiki’s, blogs, and Google apps. It was a lot more work then I realized it would be.

Now I am tired, not sure what to do with my current time and it is almost noon. I could clean the office, but my body is still tired. I just finished watching some movies that I got from UW Parkside Library. One was an old Bill Nye the Science Guy and the other a video on animation that never showed how to do any animation even though it is called “A Beginners Guide to Animation”.

I am further considering the usefulness of this blog. It really does not seem like it make sense to post what I am doing or thinking on a daily basis. I am not sure why people would be interested. Even if I was someone important or a famous celebrity it seems like it would be boring to read about how they do not know what they want to do with their day.

I guess this is a good way to end the blog for today. 🙁


Jason LoveHere I am working at my day, well night job (3rd shift), and I finally figured out the way to go with my life. I know what you are thinking, “What is this guy talking about”. I don’t blame you because I only know half of what I am saying or in this case writing.

So, let’s start from the beginning. I was born in Racine County of Wisconsin, I currently live in Racine County of Wisconsin, and as things are going I will die in Racine County of Wisconsin (this would be sad only to me and maybe my wife and cat). To make a short story long,