Niche Site Journal

Another Website I am Working On.

This is an update on where I am personally in the progress of my various projects. I stayed up all night with the goal of wrapping my head around my future, plans for this website, and if I am happy with where I am in my life.

The end result has become a feeling of clarity and exhaustion (due to staying up all night).

The reality is that I have accomplished a lot in my life time. I am not famous or rich (or even financial comfortable). I do, however, have the pleasure of saying I have done some fun, crazy, exciting things with my life and hope to continue with that trend.

The future

My goal this year is to find a way to fund my future adventures, art projects, and family life.

My plan is to create a website in a specific topic that seems as though I should be able to build up a constant stream of visitors and make money with ads. At the same time I am creating a separate website chronicling this business experiment.

You can visit this website at

What this means for Jason Loves Life

While I plan to share sporadically what is going on with this money making venture on this site, but my main focus for this site will remain to be on the business side of web comics with some articles on film making, animation, and my personal life.

My goal for the next few months is to post a minimum of once per week on this site. The new sites I am working on will take up a large chunk of my daily schedule, but I have finished up all my freelance work and my performance schedule will be slowing down after the month of August leaving me more time to write, create comics, and enjoy life.

Baby-Daddy TimeI’m normally a physical concentration of anxiety, fear, and stress just trying to get a million things done. This morning, however, things seem to be snapping into place. Watching my seven months old son drinking his bottle and listening to Elizabeth Mitchell on the iPod, I feel at peace.

It is more than the music causing this tranquility. It is that everything is falling in line. All on my “To Do” List is getting done while still having time to enjoy the company of my child.

Without sounding too pretentious or boasting I want to make the statement that

Working from home Rocks!

My plan is to publish more videos and do less articles. I find publishing YouTube videos and podcasts more enjoyable. At the same time I personally prefer blogs that use more video and/or audio.
Let me know if you what you think of my plan to less written article in the comment section below.

New and NoteworthyWe made it onto the “New and Noteworthy” Section of iTunes!!!

If you look right now (9:30 pm central time on April 19, 2013), you will see us about 20 rows down.

We are currently trying to get in the first 10 rows and you can help us get there.

It is really simple and as a thank you, we will mention your website in one of our upcoming episodes.

How to get your webcomic mentioned in our podcast

  1. Go to iTunes

I just received an update on the Iron Man 3 – Audi contest.

Iron ManAudi and Marvel Launch Contest Inviting Fans To Craft Iron Man’s Next Adventure In A Crowd-Sourced Digital Comic Book

A quick Recap

With the webcomic, Audi and Iron Man fans choose Tony Stark’s fate and create a final panel to his adventures at At the end, participants will have the opportunity to become a Marvel co-creator by creating a final panel.  U.S. residents will have a chance to win an original art board signed by Marvel artists and a trip to Comic Con in San Diego for an art review by a top Marvel editor.

New information
Microphone for podcasting

Microphone is set!

I’ve had the “podcasting” page up on this blog in November of 2012 with “COMING SOON” at the top. I originally put it up there because I assumed it would motivate me to get working on putting out a podcast.

Yet here I am, 5 months later without a podcast up.

Tonight I am playing around with the equipment and figured I should try a short recording to get familiar with the software.

Here it is:

Sorry if the audio is more mundane then you expected. The plan wasn’t to be clever, but to push forward with my plans to create a podcast.

I am very excited to start the podcast and hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making this first quick audio.

Super Comic CreatorWe all have our favorite comic creators (some of mine are Stephan Pastis, Norm Feuti, and Aaron Johnson). We see them and think, how cool would it be to be “insert name”. They have made it and I want to be there.

Comic creators are forged, not born!

You might envy your heroes of comics, but you shouldn’t want to be them. You can’t be them, so lets focus on you (what are we going to do with you?).

All those guys started off creating their first comic strips or comic book pages. They have been where you are right now and struggled with finding their way in making it a career.

What did they need to do?