Our little Pumpkin uses the AutoRap iPhone app to create a hip hop version of ABC’s.

On our Jason Loves Life YouTube channel, we have decided to give this daily Vlogging thing a try.

We did post daily for a week back when we were in Washington DC. That was really hard because I was editing the video in Adobe Premiere, adding sound effects, finding music, and creating a lot of montage like sequences. The results were not more views.


Daily Equals Less Views

Unfortunately, doing daily vLogs means fewer views per video. How it will affect our overall view count over time or our subscriber numbers. It is impossible to say right now. It also means the quality of my videos will diminish. Which also has an influence on views.

Highly Edited Video’s Views

A Lot of Views

Views in November from our highly edited and most popular video.

It was an exhausting day. Not because of activities, but because of lackĀ of sleep.

After catching up on needed rest, the kids and I try out a knock knock joke. We finish the day with some Mattress Olympics.

We wanted to wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours.