Last week my wife randomly asked, “What was that gum that came in a tape measure case?”

I couldn’t remember the name at first, but the commercials came back instantly.

Gum, for you! Not them!

-Bubble Tape

I hate the idea that advertisements have a direct impact on my wants. But there are a handful of ads I know have influenced my buying habits.

This commercial from the 90’s is one of them (there are a few versions). Unfortunately, this one is a recording of a television screen, but you still get the idea.

Digital art has changed the way creatives and artists work.

Preliminary sketches, inking, coloring, distribution, monetization, audience interaction…. These and more are done in new ways and will continue to change as technology and our society adapt. I love all that digital has done for me, but I have a secret…

I function better with physical things.

It sounds strange, but I would love everything to be digital. I imagine a life for me where all photos, books, videos, notebooks, sketchpads, daily planners, etc., etc. were all stored digitally somewhere else. Then when I need any of these things, I can access them from any computer or mobile device.

We live in a world where this is possible; I guess I am just not ready for it yet.