Nothing Important, Just my Life: A Bio of Jason Love

Jason LoveHere I am working at my day, well night job (3rd shift), and I finally figured out the way to go with my life. I know what you are thinking, “What is this guy talking about”. I don’t blame you because I only know half of what I am saying or in this case writing.

So, let’s start from the beginning. I was born in Racine County of Wisconsin, I currently live in Racine County of Wisconsin, and as things are going I will die in Racine County of Wisconsin (this would be sad only to me and maybe my wife and cat). To make a short story long, I have been tackling the big questions of “what do I do with my life”, for a long time. I think I have finally figured it out or at least a short term answer.


Childhood jobs

First that background I have been eluding to.  After being born I lived a long childhood, eventually retiring from childhood and become a legal adult. I worked for a camp that summer. This was my fifth job after golf course landscaping boy, an errand boy for a gardening store, feed store bag boy, and library page.


From summer camp I went off to Northland College (the Environmental Liberal Arts College located 1 mile south of the pristine waters of Lake Superior). There I worked for a Teen Center and met many people who have influenced who I am today including peers, professors  community members, and my wife (started dating during Sophomore year). During the summer I worked different jobs. One year I was a camp counselor again, and then next I worked at a hospital, I taught swimming lessons, and one year I joined the carnival.

My final degree was in Psychology.


With my all mighty and important diploma I went straight into the magic profession. That’s right! Pick a card any card! At a young age I was into magic and at college my love came back when I met fellow enthusiast Jeff Lang who was also into the performing arts. We went to Clown School (for a summer), we joined the carnival together (my wife [than girlfriend] tagged along), and we street performed around the country during our spring breaks (we left my wife [girlfriend] at home).

So, there I was a magician performing for the Chicago amusement park Six Flags Great America. Life was good. I was making a living having fun, money was okay, and I was in love (good ol’ wife…). After two years of performing at Six Flags, they decided not to renew my contract (this was the same year they filed for bankruptcy).

After this I did what any sane person would have done, I started an entertainment company. I rented an office big enough for a small stage, I booked performers to come in, I purchased seats for patrons, and opening night….. Only one family showed.

That same year, however, I was asked to appear on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno to perform a stunt. It was a weird stunt I created with some funny gags added by the man I was doing it with Circus Boy (Bobby Hunt). It was a great moment for me at the same time I had no money and wasn’t sure what I wanted to for the rest of my life.

After the business tanked I got a job at a Rehab Center for brain injured and clients with physical, cognitive, and social disorders. I knew this was not what I wanted to do with my life, but I had a degree in it, so I picked up the job. Also I work third shift, so at the time I realized I could go back to school and study while at work.

 Back to School

I first went to UW Milwaukee Film School. This did not turn out so well because of the distance and working third shift. I would sleep in my car between classes. I finally quit when I realized UW Milwaukee wanted me to spend more time behind text books then behind film equipment.


Today I am finishing up a Masters Degree in Business while still working that third shift job, now promoted to Facility Administrator and working as Residential Assistant on some nights. The biggest problem I have with my life is what do I do with it? I picked up an interest in animation, which I had when I was younger, but had no way to experiment with it. With current technology it is relatively easy to get access to equipment that will do the job.

Now what?

So here comes the dilemma. I want to be a media producer in the long run. However, it takes capital and time to get there. In the mean time I have skills in animation (I give workshops on animation once in a while), web design, magic/variety shows, and some business skills. What do I do with all these skills? There is money to be made in all of them, but they are varied.

The decision is to do a little of each. As I try to finish production on an animated web video and attempt to monetize it, I will do magic shows (perform), put on animation workshops, do freelance graphic art, I have a few tricks I might manufacture, try to monetize blogs, and work at the rehab center (until I can afford to leave).

It is a lot to do, but I think it will allow me to see the one business that can get me the money to produce some videos and to sustain me until I can monetize that industry. I am not in it for the money. Money is nice, but I am in it for the idea of producing for the world, to leave something behind that may last longer than me.

Feel free to laugh, cry, or just leave a comment.

-Jason Love

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