Finishing Project

I have been awake sporadically throughout the night working on a paper for class. I had to do research and evaluate a few web base communication tool for the EMS of Toronto. The parts I covered were Wiki’s, blogs, and Google apps. It was a lot more work then I realized it would be.

Now I am tired, not sure what to do with my current time and it is almost noon. I could clean the office, but my body is still tired. I just finished watching some movies that I got from UW Parkside Library. One was an old Bill Nye the Science Guy and the other a video on animation that never showed how to do any animation even though it is called “A Beginners Guide to Animation”.

I am further considering the usefulness of this blog. It really does not seem like it make sense to post what I am doing or thinking on a daily basis. I am not sure why people would be interested. Even if I was someone important or a famous celebrity it seems like it would be boring to read about how they do not know what they want to do with their day.

I guess this is a good way to end the blog for today. 🙁