Zombies Attack – Wedding Engagement Photos

Trust me, You want to check this out!

Webcomics can come in a variety of art styles and mediums.

Examples being:

      • Pencils
      • Paintings
      • Digital (drawn in software)
      • Inks
      • Photography

I personally underestimated the use of photography (until today) as a medium of webcomics. Stumbling upon this album of photos, I realize the possibilities photography gives to those that want to tell stories.

The best part is these are engagement photos.

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If you can't see this image, reload the page.Refresh page if you can't see these image.The BrideThe GroomThe ceremonyGuests get emotional.Photos are takenCeremony is completeNew MarriageA tender forehead kissWalking hand-in-handExploring the woods togetherWife is happyHusband smilesEnjoying the momentRealizing something isn't rightMoves Wife from DangerRealizing the situationA zombie priestZombie Priest AttacksFighting against zombieHe pushes back the zombie priestRealization of the situationSomething must be doneZombie priest on the groundFear and AngerZombie starts to get upGrabbing a weaponPreparing for the blowThe hitBlood is everywhereRealizing what he just didZombie Attack: RealizationZombie Attack: cleaning off bloodZombie Attack: RealizationZombie Attack: Another oneZombie Attack: Finds a weaponZombie Attack: Husband readyZombie Attack, Headed to safety.Headed to safety from Zombie AttackZombie AttackZombie AttackZombie AttackZombie AttackZombie AttackZombie Attack

Zombie AttackZombie AttackTrouble is coming.Getting ready to runImpaled by a branchGot to keep movingRun to the bridgeUp to the bridgeA close callTop of the bridgeRealizing their fateLook into each other's eyesA boost from the rail.On the railLast KissSurrounded by zombies


Death closes in

The face of deathThe END

 Source [hupso_hide]