grrl power webcomic review

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I’m going to mention the web comic ‘Grrl power’ in the hopes that you’ll take a gander for yourself.  What is it?  It’s a comic about ‘super heroines.’  Super duper powered females doing their thing, fighting evil and kicking general bad-guy tushie while doing the things us regular gals do, like getting a date.

What first hits you up, of course, is the art which is lovely.  It’s too easy for similar super-hero based works to get all ‘look at me’ with their art but here, I feel like creator David Barrack isn’t trying too hard to be impressive.  He’s got his pencil in the pulse of comic art and seems to understand that the littlest strokes are the ones that convey the subtlest (which always end up being the biggest!) messages.

And he’s funny too, the dialogue goes hand in hand with the art, each adding to the humor of any given scene.  An example, I very much like when the subject of super power reality television gets brought up, I find that the intricasies of fictional television shows are suddenly interesting to me.  I appreciate the pacing of the paneling, each one has enough in it to keep me interested as well as eager.  To sweeten my interest in GrrlPower,  Barrack, has the kind of comic philosophy that I’m all for.

“To me, the most memorable moments in comics and shows are the scenes with amusing character interaction… that’s the stuff I remember and enjoy the most, not what villain they fought that episode. If Wolverine fights Sabertooth for the 47th time, who really cares?  But if the artist draws him drinking a Strawberry Yoohoo afterwards, that’s the sort of thing that people remember.” –DaveB

Yes!  Exactly!  I couldn’t agree more, it’s definitely the small touches, the ‘day in the life’ness that most endears me to an individual comic and I have a feeling it’s going to quick-cement me to this particular work as well.


-Updates Mondays.
-Rated PG-13 for violence and gratuitous cheesecake (and beefcake)
-Rated R for language. Seriously, Sydney has a filthy mouth.

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