Time Vs Money – Which Do You Care Most About?

We all need to make money for our survival.
At least most of us.

We have to pay the mortgage/rent, groceries, electricity, water, sewer, and on, and on….

These things need income for payment.

However, we all have things we don’t need that we buy.

For me those are:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • YMCA membership
  • Weekly eating out
  • Other

We all have a list of stuff that makes us happy.

The important part is knowing which items are worth it.

When I worked a regular job, I remember a woman who was saying how they eat out most nights because she didn’t feel like cooking after work. I was thinking how she wouldn’t have to work as much if she figured out a way to only eat out weekly.

Food for her family every night was $224 a week with her pay $15 an hour. If she cooked at home six nights a week, it would cost $100 week (rough estimate). She could work one less day a week if they stopped eating out ($224 – $100 = $124 / $15 per hour = 8.27 hours of work).

For her, the extra day of work might be worth not having to cook. Not for me.