We all need to make money for our survival.
At least most of us.

We have to pay the mortgage/rent, groceries, electricity, water, sewer, and on, and on….

These things need income for payment.

However, we all have things we don’t need that we buy.

For me those are:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • YMCA membership
  • Weekly eating out
  • Other

We all have a list of stuff that makes us happy.

BooksI am writing this while I am in the middle of placing my book collection (which is several hundred books) for sale on Amazon. I am not doing this to have a Zen lifestyle (“less material goods means happier life”). I am not doing this to make it easier to clean my house, but that is a perk. I am doing it to fund my art.

At the same time, I’m dropping down to part time at my day job. Which means a lot more time to work on all the projects I have lined up, but it also means a lot less money coming in.

I realize I need to buckle down and come up with ways to fund my artistic lifestyle both for myself and to continue to keep my family happy and healthy.

Here are 5 Ways to Help Fund your Artist Lifestyle.

1. Sell your Belongings

I am Currently reading Never Get a “Real” Job: How to Dump Your Boss, Build a Business and Not Go Brokeby Scott Gerber. The book itself isn’t great, but Mr. Gerber does have some great points and some easy to follow techniques to help start a business.

The reason I am not impressed with the book is most of the writing feels like filler and a lot of long drawn out rants. As I already said, there is some great stuff in the book, but if all the fluff was taken out the book would be half the size.

The One Paragraph Start-up Plan

One of the great things that is brought out in the book is the idea of the one paragraph business plan. I have taken entire courses on business plans while getting my MBA. They are long, boring, and really mean nothing.

Side Note:
Even with that said, I hope to create a series of posts in the near future that is basically a business plan for web comics that all of you can read.

So, lets get to it!

The One Paragraph Start-up Plan for my Web Comic

I am putting in the time to try and utilize current events in order to spike my YouTube views. I was able to get a large number of views from Whitney Houston’s death. As I wrote in my past posting (link here) it might have been too early to make a joke about an individual’s death. However, this was an attempt to see if utilizing breaking news with comedy I could boost my YouTube stats. My hope was to prove that the ROI or return on investment in a video like this would be worth the effort and time of production; in turn, see the financial possibilities of this type of YouTube channel with advertisements.

While the number of views has hit over 2000 in less than a day I have not noticed a great increase in income from revenue related to advertisements. In the past I have received higher returns based off of the same number of views. Which statistically tells me that the flexibility and constant change of payments per click and view rates can make a business model around YouTube videos very unstable. This, however, has not deterred me from continuing my research and attempts to find a sustainable business through YouTube videos creation.