Children’s Garden

We are just wrapping up a wonderful trip to Michigan, and I wanted to post some photos with stories from the Michigan 4-H Children’s Garden.

Michigan 4-H Children's Garden

It is a beautiful place, and the kids had a blast. It is part whimsical, part educational, and all fun.

Both kids loved the artwork and creativity behind the garden. The beautiful butterfly benches gained the interest of my daughter while the train “play sculpture” captured the heart of my son. He kept saying, “train, choo, choo” as he climbed around the wooden train.

The only downside was how close it was to the tracks. My little girl (1-year-old) was playing in the hedge maze made of small evergreen trees when a train came rumbling by. The tracks were only a few yards away. The noise startled her enough that she came racing back to me.

It was hilarious because of how fast she moved and her little body in perfect running form.

My 3-year-old son loved being able to see a train that close.

If you are ever near Lansing, MI and are traveling with kids, you need to check this place out. With our little ones, it wasn’t a full day activity, but we spent about 2 – 3 hours there with my son not wanting to leave.

Frumpkin at Michigan 4-H Children's Garden

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