Alan Watts Animated

A video of Alan Watts created by Matt Stone and Trey Parker (according to

I am not familiar with Alan Watts’ books or recordings. Although, I hear his name from time to time when people are talking about philosophy, life, or both.

I enjoyed all the sections of the video, but “Life and Music” really spoke to me.

I am both a victim of this system and a survivor of it.

When I graduated college, I was lucky enough to go into business for myself. After two years, I lost my big client and figured I needed a real job.
I got a real job and during that time, I also earned by MBA. Soon after that, I was demoted because my position was outsourced and absorbed by other staff members.

So, I switch jobs. Wouldn’t you know it, less than a year later, I was being let go.

I struggled a bit, but now my family and I are surviving on my terms. My business isn’t giving us new cars, but I have control over my time and get to decide how I want to live my life day-to-day.

I was following “the path” and now I am enjoying life as it is “being played.”