Miley Cyrus Naked and crying, I get it

Miley Cyrus sexy teddy bear from vma'sMiley Cyrus is naked and crying in her newest video. I get it!

Two quick Warnings!
1: The video contains adult content.
2: This is not directly related to webcomic,
but is a lesson in branding.

It is fair to say you have probably already seen Miley Cyrus’ video of her performing “We Can’t Stop” at the 2013 VMAs.

It was the video with a parade of giant bears dancing around her while she was wearing a skimpy outfit bearing a cartoon bear while she grinded on and licked everything in sight. If not, you can watch it below.

Well, she isn’t done!

Here is her newest music video. We see Miley Cyrus Naked, crying at times, and later riding a wrecking ball.

Check it out for yourself:


I am going to be honest, I like the song.

Don’t judge, I just wanted to get that off my chest (which is fully clothed, unlike Miley Cyrus’)

Why Miley, Why?

Most people talking about these videos think she has gone crazy. My guess is they see Miley as a person and not as what she really is…A Brand.

Her current actions are a sign that she no longer wants to have a “little kid’ image. This is her (and her PR teams) way to break free of Hannah Montana, Disney, and being seen as a child star. Miley Cyrus is showing the world that she is an adult by showing off her body.

Her New Brand

Miley Cyrus wants to be seen in the same category as Madonna and Lady Gaga. Edgy, sexual, and artistic are what she is striving for in her newest appearances and videos.

The easiest way to pull that off is to get as naked as possible as often as possible, which seems to be her current strategy.

The VMA’s video

Very weird!

Is it working


Millions of YouTube views, being talked about on all the news stations, bloggers responding, etc, etc. It all feeds into her new brand. Right now there are a lot of complaints and people judging her, but that’s because they are shocked at the change.

My advice

Miley Cyrus naked video, licking a hammer

If you click the image, it will tweet Miley asking her to stop licking things.

Two things:

First, I would make sure the next PR stunt or event would have a little less nudity. I personally feel the teddy bears with a half naked woman was weird, but starting with something shocking wasn’t a bad move.

The question now is, is she willing to ruin her career to push the boundaries what people will accept from her or does she want to continue a successful career?

Second, please stop licking things!

It isn’t sexy, it is just weird.

Your thoughts

I would love to hear what you think of this mess in the comments section below. Do you like her new brand? Has Miley Cyrus gone crazy? Where was her microphone when she was on that wrecking ball?