You’re a Different Person Today

“It is no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then”

-Alice in Alice in Wonderland

Image of Alice in WonderlandWho you were is not the same person you are. Those things that happened in the past have consequences on the present, but they don’t determine it.

As an artist, I often struggle in making future decisions based on my past. It is good to learn from things that happened to us, but it shouldn’t arbitrarily control us.

In my situation, I often let my years of experience as a children’s entertainer influence my current work. I have a hard time allowing myself to produce or create things for an adult audience. Every time I start doing something not appropriate for kids I start to change course or drop the project.

Sure, if I wanted to stay with a family/kid-centered brand, then that is an educated decision to stay away from adult content.

That needs to be a decision and not just a product of being stuck in the past.

Who are you today? What do you want to make & is your past holding you back?

Fuck it! Do it! Move on!