Social Media Goals and the Kickstarter Campaign

Social Media Logos

Attempting to reach social media goals was something I did before my Kickstarter campaign. I found that it helped over the long run, but if you have a good following on a few social media channels, you might want to ignore this post.

Two months before I launched my first Kickstarter, I set goals for myself to double my YouTube Subscribers (29), Twitter Followers (327), and Facebook Likes (100). Luckily at the time all these numbers were small. Today I would be a lot harder because I am close to 765 Facebook Like, 8,500 Twitter Followers, and 137 YouTube Subscribers. None of these numbers are insanely high but are more than someone just starting out.

Original the goal to double these social media numbers was just to find more people to tell about the Kickstarter campaign when it launched. However, it also worked as a great way to get momentum for the campaign, and it prepared me for putting in the work to promote the campaign.

Here is a quick list of ways to improve your numbers in each of these social media sites.

YouTube Subscribers:

  • Interact with other people channels with quality comments (don’t post stupid stuff).
  • Post videos that others can find useful (behind the scenes videos or how-to videos).
  • In your video ask people to subscribe and say what and when you post.

Twitter Followers:

  • Make sure your Twitter profile looks professional.
  • Reply to other people’s tweets.
  • Follow people with similar interests.

Facebook Likes

I find Facebook to be one of the hardest to get new people.

  • Invite your friends to like your page.
  • Spend time in forums and casually mention your page (try not to sound like a spammer).
  • Have great stuff that is current on you page.


  • Like other people’s images (even people you don’t follow).
  • Follow people with similar interests (photos), but that don’t have thousands of followers.
  • Comment sparingly on images from people you don’t follow (some get weirded out).


These are the only social media sites I feel qualified to give some advice on. For all social media the best way to be found and “followed” is to put out great stuff, interact with other people on the site, and be interesting (don’t try too hard).