Keiler Roberts – Episode 26

Keiler Roberts

Today on the show we have

Keiler Roberts

Keiler Roberts creates the autobiographical comic series “Powdered Milk”. She also teaches a variety of topics at a variety of colleges/universities in the Chicago area.

Things mentioned in this episode

  • ElectricGecko Interview
    Jason mentions this early Jason Loves Life interview when referring to issues related to being a parent of a baby and/or toddler.
  • Vanessa Davis
    An American illustrator, humorist, and cartoonist of alternative comic books.
  • CreateSpace
    CreateSpace provides free tools to help you self-publish and distribute your books through Amazon and other places.
  • Gabrielle Bell
    Gabrielle Bell is a British-American alternative cartoonist known for her surrealist, melancholy semi-autobiographical stories.
  • John Porcellino’s Interview
    Keiler mentions at the end the John Porcellino’s interview (episode 11).

Events & Groups Keiler Attends

  • Cake
    Chicago Alternative Comics Expo
  • Chicago Zine Fest
    An independent event for small press and independent publishers to showcase their work.
  • Brain Frame
    Brain Frame is a series of comic/zine readings and performance art held in Chicago.
  • Autoptic
    Autoptic is curating a small, one-day exhibition and sale featuring zines, independent comics, books, prints, and more!
  • Trubble Club
    A group of comic and zine creators who create cool stuff together.