I loved ‘Star Wars: The Forced Awakens’. It has made me excited for the Star Wars franchise to start creating new films. Plus, it was exciting to see some faces from the original films.

Even with my excitement, I have a variety of small dislikes that I can get over but still exist.

Why did no one use bombers when they bombed things?

Sorry, a bit of a tangent.
The biggest complaint I would have for the movie is how similar it is to ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’. It turns out I am not alone in this. Zachary Antell recently released a video showing a comparison of certain clips of each movie side-by-side.

Kickstarter campaigns are difficult.

Here are four ways to increase the chances of your campaign being successful.
Enjoy and good luck on your campaign.

1- Build-up buzz around your project before launching.

Use social media and email those on your newsletter (start one if you don’t have one) to let me know your process of getting ready. Them hearing you are putting work into it and that you’re excited about it will help them get excited. This increases the chance they will back you or at least help spread the word about it after your project is live.

For next campaign, I plan to start dropping hints five months before I plan to launch. When people first hear about a project of any type, it is common for them to think, “Oh, cool.”

Around three months before, I will be talking about it weekly with details of what it is and how I’m preparing for Kickstarter. The entire month before I will be doing 4-6 posts a week until launch.

This build-up of mentioning it helps build interest, curiosity, and excitement to prepare people to back, share, and support the project.

2- Get feedback early and often from as many individuals as possible.

“It is no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then”

-Alice in Alice in Wonderland

Image of Alice in WonderlandWho you were is not the same person you are. Those things that happened in the past have consequences on the present, but they don’t determine it.

We are on day three of writing a blog post every day, and I’m on #66 of drawing a sketch-a-day. Trying to form creative habits is not new to me. I have attempted to animate every day, vlog daily, create a comic every day, and other failed attempts that have been quickly forgotten.

What has changed to allow me to stay on task when it comes to sketch-a-day?

I’ve listed five things that have helped me in being consistent.

  • Having Low Expectations
  • Connecting with Other Daily Tasks
  • Seeing Every Day is a New Start
  • Having Easy Access to Tools
  • Plan for Short-Term

1 – Low Expectations