Getting Things Done

You may not believe this, but I have a hard time dealing with Time Management.

I know what your thinking, “I don’t believe it Jason, you post so randomly and without warning, I assumed you had it all together.”

The reality is I’m a procrastinator and jump around from project to project through out the day and sometimes throughout the hour.

I have an un-diagnosed case of adult ADD, live in a chaotic environment (I’m currently watching my 3 month old while writing this), and get  a weird enjoyment out of the feeling of urgency.

With my hope to update this blog once or twice a week, update the blog every week day, and continue working on my niche site, I realize I need to come up with a better time management system.

Last night I read:


Both of these books gave me a few tips, but I didn’t find a system that works for me.

I do have high hopes, however, for:

This book is very popular among the internet marketing community.

This video was what made me decide I need to give the program a try:

It could be my love for this style of animation or that Monkey, but this video is amazing.

Beyond the visual elements, the video also makes logical sense. If I have problems paying attention it stems from not having actionable steps (knowing what to do next), fear of forgetting another task I must complete, and a lack of consistently going over what I have done and what needs to get done.

My plan is to implement this strategy and update you on my progress of Getting Things Done.

I hope this helps,

Jason Love


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