Evernote with Getting Things Done

Image of a Bad ClockWe are on day 4 of my attempt to embrace a solid time management system.

Day 1

Read several books looking for the perfect solution (not found).

Day 2

Searched internet for what other people said they liked.

Day 3

Researched Getting Things Done (GTD) as it seemed to be the most talked about.

Day 4 (today)

I’m finishing up reading the book Getting Things Done and also studying how to utilize the system with Evernote.

I’m convinced that having a solid time management system is important for all webcomic creators; although, this could be just a personal excuse to exercise my obsessive compulsive behavior hidden in the name of “productivity”.

Why is a time management system important for webcomic creators?

  1. As artists, we tend to be scattered in our thinking and have a hard time keeping track of what needs to get done (I know I do).
  2. We have to juggle multiple art projects with a variety of tasks that need to be accomplished and various times (Update website, finished page 21, design a new cover, etc).
  3. Working from home makes it hard to separate personal life from work, a time management system can help with this.
  4. FOCUS! Procrastination is the killer of productivity. Utilizing a time management system reduces many of the excuses we use to procrastinate.
  5. It gives us a measuring tool to see that we are not wasting our day. If you are a numbers nerd like me you get a weird satisfaction out of quantifying my ability to get things done.

Most of you probably don’t have to dedicate an entire week to your time management system. Once I get comfortable with a system, I plan on sharing it with all of you. This should help some of you as you can just use my system or create an adaption of it.

The other things I am excited about related to this experiment is that I hope to use Evernote to be the hub of my system. Now I love Evernote. I currently use it in a scattered and chaotic way to keep my notes on a variety of subjects.

After doing all this research, blog reading, YouTube watching, and experimenting I realize that I can use Evernote for more than just a cluttered pile of notebooks.

Evernote Image

I hope to turn it into:

  • My Getting Things Done filling system.
  • My Client Relationship Manager (keeps track of clients information).
  • A Study guide for a variety of topics (using webclipper function).
  • Storing reference images.
  • Archiving ideas for future projects.
  • Outlining blog posts.
  • Saving my comic book outlines & scripts.
  • and a lot more.

I’m very excited about all the possibilities that Evernote can provide.

What are you using Evernote for?
Let me know in the comment section below.

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