Monstra Zombie Destroyer CoverTomorrow we will be posting a podcast interview with Mark Thompson (owner of and wanted to take the opportunity to share his current project with all of my friends (that’s you).

With a group of hand selected artists, Mark has launched the first in a number of creator owned titles through Kickstarter. The first title; MONSTRA: ZOMBIE DESTROYER! is up and running right now.

MONSTRA: ZOMBIE DESTROYER will be published as a full color graphic novel containing 125 pages of Flesh Eating, Zombie Killing, ax wielding, awesomeness!

The Press Release for the Comic gives the following Synopsis to the story:

The story involves a sentient zombie and her slacker boyfriend at the outset of the end of days. The government has contained an initial outbreak of infected undead . A widespread zombie outbreak has been averted through military involvement and the

I received this email 14 days after the success of my campaign and a few days after the funds were placed into my bank account.  I wanted to share this with you for those interested in starting, in the middle of, or have just completed a Kickstarter campaign.

The email from Kickstarter campaign

Congratulations on your successfully funded Kickstarter project!As you dive into the next stage of your project, we’ve put together a few tips to help you along the way:

1. Stay connected with backers
Respond to comments, questions, and messages, and use project updates to keep backers in the loop. Your backers will love getting the inside scoop on your project’s latest developments.

2. Send out reward surveys
Send out your surveys when you’re ready to collect all the info you need to deliver

thumbs up!

We are 16 hours into our Kickstarter campaign and currently at 5% completion! If we can do this every day Leah Love and I will have full funding in 19 days. Keep your fingers crossed, post on this project on facebook pages, and share it with others; this will help us to that goal. Remember, time is limited, so action needs to happen now!


Thanks again Chris and Josh for getting this party started!




Jason Love

It is 2:00 am on a Tuesday Morning. Working on finishing the Hillary animation I started over a year ago. It was a bizarre project to begin with due to the fact that I had no idea how to use flash. Now I do, but it is still a long and slow process. With school and work at the Rehab center it is hard to stay focus on getting anything done.

My goal is to finish it and have it published on 03.10.10. Being that today is 03.09.10; I do not have much time. On the 10th I have to give a presentation and on the 11th I have to take a final exam. If I really push it, I can get something out by then.

I have been awake sporadically throughout the night working on a paper for class. I had to do research and evaluate a few web base communication tool for the EMS of Toronto. The parts I covered were Wiki’s, blogs, and Google apps. It was a lot more work then I realized it would be.

Now I am tired, not sure what to do with my current time and it is almost noon. I could clean the office, but my body is still tired. I just finished watching some movies that I got from UW Parkside Library. One was an old Bill Nye the Science Guy and the other a video on animation that never showed how to do any animation even though it is called “A Beginners Guide to Animation”.

I am further considering the usefulness of this blog. It really does not seem like it make sense to post what I am doing or thinking on a daily basis. I am not sure why people would be interested. Even if I was someone important or a famous celebrity it seems like it would be boring to read about how they do not know what they want to do with their day.

I guess this is a good way to end the blog for today. 🙁