I wrote this while creating Hillary Adventures. I did not have my blog up at the time, so I planned on adding it later

It was originally written August 10, 2009.

This morning, I attempted to teach Leah flash. It didn’t go over so well. It is a very confusing program with a lot going on. I think the problem was that I started teaching her the tools that she already knows in illustrator, but they do some things differently in flash. Also, working with symbols is a confusing concept and I have yet to master it myself. This made teaching it even more difficult.

I am hoping to find a few tutorial videos at youtube.com. If I find any, I will let you know. It is already 10:15 AM and I have not finished very much of anything. The current plan for the morning is to re-plan the schedule for this project, organize my office (it is currently cluttered and unorganized), and pick up my cat from my brothers.

For those of you that are wondering, I do not just leave my cat at my brothers randomly. Leah and I just returned from a vacation on Madeline Island. It was our one year anniversary. It was a happy celebration, with us visiting my father-in-law and that side of the family. It is sad to think I started working on this project over a year ago and have not even finished animating the first chapter yet…. At least something is getting done now.