These are the three blogs that I check out when I need to learn something or want to get someone else’s perspective on a topic related to creating comics. ¬†Many of them have podcasts, but this article is specifically for the blogs (I will have one in the future on podcasts).


A lot of information and organized by topic. The site is specifically for promoting comic arts and graphic storytelling any interested in creating comics.

You can see there¬†“About Video” below:


Today’s video lists seven ways to make money with your comic book or comic beyond the traditional comic book store route. As independent artists it is almost impossible to make the traditional system work for us unless a “decent size” publisher is involved.

Instead consider using alternative revenue streams and more importantly several revenue streams to fund your comic books.

The ways mentioned in the video include:

ComiXologyComiXology was recently hacked.

With the Kickstarter data break-in last month and now with this comiXology security breach, it seems the independent comic creator and readers are having a rough year with keeping their information safe.

Fortunately for us it sounds like the hackers were only able to get access to usernames, email addresses, and encrypted passwords. This means you should both change your password and be cautious of any emails you get from ComiXology trying to get you to email back personal information. If you do those two things, there shouldn’t be a problem.

Below is the email from ComiXology to readers: