3 Blogs Every Comic Creator Should be Reading

These are the three blogs that I check out when I need to learn something or want to get someone else’s perspective on a topic related to creating comics.  Many of them have podcasts, but this article is specifically for the blogs (I will have one in the future on podcasts).

1: makingcomics.com

A lot of information and organized by topic. The site is specifically for promoting comic arts and graphic storytelling any interested in creating comics.

You can see there “About Video” below:

2: remindblog.com

Remind is a graphic novel series by Jason Brubaker. It is magnificent!

While his graphic novel is very successful, Jason also does a fantastic job of documenting the behind the scenes of his book, his Kickstarter campaigns, and his art process. I can not recommend both his blog and graphic novel enough.


3: webcomicalliance.com

I know all these guys and gals. In fact, I’ve interviewed them for the Jason Loves Life podcast (and replayed on the Compulsive Creative Podcast).

They sound just for webcomics, but they cover it all. Topics include conventions, the business of independent comics, drawing, writing, and more. The fact that there are multiple members of the group allow for a good variety of opinions on the big topics with various stories which help make their points.


Comic related websites come and go. If you read a blog for comic book creators that you love, we would all love to hear about it.

Feel free to drop a link and quick description in the comment section below.